Diptyque video,

 on view here

Corporis Antrum is an immersive journey mixing mental territory and medical archives.

Starting from my body as an object of study, I explore its borders like archaeological strata where the macro and microscopic scales merge. Living in and feeling one's body is going through an immersion ritual that I offer through a diptych video. An introspective journey where the metaphor of the cave is omnipresent because it echoes many initiation ceremonies.

The mental territory that I build revolves around several archetypal figures that punctuate my work such as the skull, the silhouette, the intestine, the cosmos. So many metaphors of a hybrid universe that take shape before our eyes, between memory and anticipation.


silver print, chemigram, mixed media

Corporis Antrum comes from personal medical archives and 3D scans of my body envelope. After collecting this material, I manipulated my body and its image in order to understand its limits and the dichotomy that is expressed between bodie and spirit, inner and outer.

The photograms made in the darkness and the privacy of the photo lab are like fossils, they become the archives of my mental territory. So many bodily remains that testify to the aftermath of interventions, foreign bodies that have become part of my own body over the years. The body is like a landscape, it faces the same treatments.

I played with the porosity of the mediums to create the hybridization between digital and analog. This constant back and forth in my practice, between genesis and finitude, memory and anticipation, physical and psychic makes sense through the mediums.